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The main song at the London Olympics is the theme song from the movie "Chariots of Fire", which is a British film about the 1924 Olympics.

The film's theme tune was played at the opening ceremony as well as played during each medal ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.

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Q: What is the main song in the 2012 London Olympics?
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Which is the official song of London Olympics 2012?

On A Rainbow ~ Tom Fletcher

What song did ed sheeran sing at the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony?

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Who won the gold medal in men's Middleweight Judo at the London 2012 Olympics?

Song Dae-NamSouth Korea (KOR)

What is the song in the 2012 Olympics commercial?

Home - Philip Phillips

What is the London 2012 Olympic song?

On A Rainbow - Tom Fletcher

What is the song from the commercial of the magnificent 7 on the Olympics for 2012?

Home Phillip Phillips

What is the song in the target commercial running the 2012 Olympics?

soldier by ingrid michaelson!

What is the song in the 2012 Olympics Bud Light commercial?

Fire by Viv and the Revival

What is the title of the song played during the awarding ceremony at the London Olympics?

Chariots of fire- vangelis

What was the name of the song playing when the Greek team started the London 2012 parade?


What is the name of the song from the NBC 2012 Olympic commercial It has the lyrics about London or London bridges?

Do you have a link to it to watch it, I heard it once and can't remember the song but I know where I heard it before.

What is the song used for the Australian 2012 Olympics commercial?

One heart and a million voices by New Empire

What song plays in the car commercial when they are stopped at a stop light during Olympics 2012?

True by Spandau Ballet

What is the song on the Olympics ad on channel 9 Australia 2012?

One Heart/Million Voices - New Empire

What is inspector Lewis theme song?

Lewis - Main Theme by Barrington Pheloung and the London Metropolitan Orchestra

What is the theme song for the Olympics?

The theme song for the Olympics is buglers dream and the Olympic march medley.

When was Everyone - Olympics song - created?

Everyone - Olympics song - was created on 2010-05-30.

What is the song in the London Boulevard trailer?

Song at the end is "London calling" by The Clash

When was London Nights - song - created?

London Nights - song - was created in 1989.

What is the name of the song used at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies at entrance of athletes which had a Mid East tone?

Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

Who sings the song from the coca cola advert for the Olympics?

The mark ronson "anywhere in the world" song for 2012 olympics is sung by Katy B. I thought it was Janet Devlin at first...Wiki search Katy B...very alike!! Hope this helps :-)

What song was played in opening ceremony of London 2012 where the two kids were dancing in the attic and it had the words victorious in it?

Uprising- Muse

Who did the song Dancing Holiday It is a doowop song or rb.?

The Olympics

What song is used in the HP commercial during the 2012 Olympics?

Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi Keep listening once the song starts, because HP used the middle of the song. It'll take a minute for you to recognize the melody.

When was London Calling - song - created?

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