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Promoting a Super Bowl and airing ads is giving advertising and marketing to a large audience. Many Super Bowl Ads cost millions of dollars because of the amount of traffic and viewers that will see it.

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Q: What is the main reason for a such a promotion of the super bowl?
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Did Go Daddycom sponsor the 2011 Super Bowl?

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What was the main theme of the Madonna promo in 2012?

The main theme of Madonna promo in 2012 was to advertise the Super Bowl. What this means is she wanted more people to watch it. If someone heard she sang live at the Super Bowl then they would watch next year. Also when they watch they see new commercial they want to buy it. So mostly to advertise is what this answer is about.

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Why does the Super Bowl game get tremendous media attention every year?

I venture to say that the main reason there is so much coverage is because of all the monetary backing. There is so much money passing hands during the Super Bowl is would be unwise not to have the media attention it gets. Its common knowledge that a 15 second commercial can cost over a million dollars to air. The more commercials, the more money everyone takes home. Football media attention is money driven.

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