What is the lowest score made in a World Cup?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Which world cup, cricket, hockey or football?

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Q: What is the lowest score made in a World Cup?
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Which country made the lowest score in world cup?

In the 2010 world cup Honduras failed to score a goal.

What is the lowest score of a team in World Cup?

it's 36, made by Canada against Australia

Lowest score by a team in World Cup?

South Africa

What is the lowest score of Pakistan in worldcup?

74 against England in 1992 world cup

Which cricket team lostest score in world cup 1999?

Canadda team has lowest score in world cup.That is total of just 36 runs.

What is the lowest innings score in ICC world cup?

canada vs Sri lanka,,canada made 36 runs in 2003 world cup

Which team made highest score in ICC cricket world cup match and what was the score?

India made Highest score in ICC world cup matach against Bermuda.and the total score is 413/5

Which team world cup innings highest score?

India made 413-5 against Bermuda in 2007 world cup

Did kaka score in the 2010 World Cup?

No Kaka did not score a goal at the 2010 world cup.

Who did the winning pass of the 2010 World Cup?

In the world cup final in 2010, it was Cesc Fabregas who made the pass to Andrea Iniesta to score the goal.

How many goals did Fernando Torres score in world cup qualifying?

He did not score any goals in the World Cup qualifier.

Which country made high score in fifa world cup in final?

Portugal, Germany , Romania.