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53 uconn 41 butler

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Q: What is the lowest score in NCAA tournament finals history?
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What is the lowest Fast Money score in the history of Family Feud?

The lowest Fast Money score in the history of Family Fued is 12.

What is the lowest total score ever for the four day Masters tournament?

The lowest total score ever for 72 holes in the Masters Tournament was Tiger Woods' score of 270 in 1997.Tiger Woods=270

What are the 10 lowest winning scores in Jeopardy history?

Negative $2800 is the lowest winning score in Jeopardy history.

Who is the most run score in a tournament of world cup history?

Sachin Tandulker

Who is the shortest player to score in NCAA basketball tournament history?

Spud Webb

What is the Lowest 72 hole score in golf history?

63 strokes

What is the lowest score at Augusta National?

Lowest round 63, shared by Nick Price and Greg Norman. 270 (-18) is the tournament record, held by Tiger Woods.

What is the lowest US Open score ever?

The lowest U.S. Open Score ever was obtained by Rory McIlroy in the 2011 tournament. He finished with a four round score of 268, which put him 16 strokes under par and four strokes lower than Tiger Woods' previous record of 272 in the 2000 U.S. Open.

What is the scoring for golf?

When playing in a tournament, your opponent usually keeps score for you.

In bowling does the highest score win or the lowest?

lowest score wins bowling

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There were two teams who failed to score in the 2010 world cup. They were hHonduras and Algeria.

What is the lowest score in Ipl?

lowest score is by Rajasthan against Bangalore in year 2009