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They don't track low scores but I've seen a sanctioned 50 for 3 games.

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Q: What is the lowest sanctioned 3 game score?
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What is Australia's lowest cricket score?


What is the lowest single game point for an NFL game?

The lowest possible score in a game where both teams have scored is 3-2. One team would get a field goal while the other would get a safety.

What team did not score in a Super Bowl game?

none the lowest is by Miami in 1972 in super bowl VI when they scored 3 points

What was the lowest scoring Super Bowl with the Cowboys?

The lowest score by the Cowboys was in Super Bowl V: Colts 16, Cowboys 13 The lowest total score was in Super Bowl VI: Cowboys 24, Miami 3

How do you score a hat trick?

its when you score 3 goals in one game.

Is a double eagle the highest score in golf?

Technically the "lowest" score on a given hole. 3 under par for a hole.

What is the lowest score possible in a college football game?

Prior to about 20 years ago, when a game could end in a tie: game has a winner: 2-0 and both teams score: 3-2game is tied: 0-0 Currently, with OT rules: game with a winner in regulation: 2-0 and both teams score: 3-2 OT game: 3-0 (I don't believe it is possible to score a safety in OT.)and both teams scored in regulation: 5-2 (2-2 entering OT) Sean Hanlon - A safety can be scored in OT.

How to play sci dama?

You Need A Sci-Dama Board ( Science Dama ) 1. first you need 24 poker chips ( 12 blue/white with the same color ) 2. form it like playing dama in chess 3. before playing this you need a score sheet/board and write there the moves and score To win you need to get the lowest score, the lowest score wins but thet higher score is the lose Enjoy Playing The Game!

What's the lowest score can not be made using 3 darts?

Zero if you miss with all three.

Has there ever been a 3-2 football score?

No there has never been a 3-2 football score. The lowest NFL score was 2-0 with the Green Bay Packers defeating the Chicago Bears in 1932.

How do you score a turkey?

In bowling, when you score a turkey, you get 3 strikes in a row. If you get a game of complete strikes, it is a perfect score.

What is the lowest score you cant score with a single dart?

61 is incorrect. The question asks for the lowest score you cannot get with one dart. It is true that you cannot get 61, but neither can you get 59. Therefore 61 is not the lowest impossible score with one dart. The correct answer is 23. You can obviously score any number from 1 to 20, so we can exclude that range. You can get 21 (3ร—7) and 22 (2ร—11), but you cannot score 23 with a single dart.

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