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Q: What is the lowest possible football score?
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What is the highest score to the lowest score in football when?

222 to 0.

What is the lowest score you can get in fruit ninja?

The lowest possible score you can get is zero in fruit ninja

What was the lowest score in a football match?

It is 0-0.

What is the lowest possible score to end a game of darts?

2, the lowest double

What is the lowest score you can have with 8 strikes when bowling tenpin?

150 would be the lowest possible score. XX-XX-XXXX--

What is the lowest-ever score in the AFL - the American Football League?


What is the lowest scored game in bowling ever?

The lowest score possible in bowling is zero.

What is the lowest FICA score possible?

The one which the Federal Government has.

What was the lowest scoring college football game without a score?


What is the lowest possible ACT score?

11 is the lowest (36 is the highest)

What is the lowest score made in a World Cup?

Which world cup, cricket, hockey or football?

Which NCAA division 1A football team has the lowest average SAT score?