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Canada vs Sri Lanka,,canada made 36 runs in 2003 world cup

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Q: What is the lowest innings score in ICC world cup?
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Which country had the lowest innings in ICC world cup cricket?


Who took seven wickets in an innings in ICC Cricket world cup?


Which team made highest score in ICC cricket world cup match and what was the score?

India made Highest score in ICC world cup matach against Bermuda.and the total score is 413/5

Where can i get world's fastest live score update for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015?

The world's fastest live score update for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 can found on

Who will score maximum runs in the icc cricket tournament?

Sachin Tendulkar (626 Runs in 2003 Icc World Cup)

Which country scored the highest runs in an innings of ICC world cup cricket?

India against Bermuda they made 413

How long is the break between the 2 innings of a match at the icc odi cricket world cup 2011?

45 minutes

What is the highest score in a innings in t20?

260/6 Srilanka against Kenya in ICC Twenty-20 WorldChampionship 2007/08 at New Wanderers Stadium,JohannesburgVikas

What is Virender Sehwag's highest score in Test cricket?

As of January 2010, in 121 Test innings for India and two for the ICC World XI, Virender Sehwag has made a top score of 319 runs, against South Africa in March 2008. Sehwag's contribution was over 50 percent of the total number of runs scored in the innings, which finished 627 all out.

Who is the youngest bowler to get 5 wickets in an innings in icc cricket world cup?

Waqar younis has taken 5 wicket haul in the age of 18

How many bowlers took 7 wickets in one innings of ICC cricket world cup?

McGrath from australia took 7 wickets in one inning of world cup

Who score the highest runs in ICC world cup 2011 between India vs England?

Andrew Strauss

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