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Q: What is the longest winning streak of any nfl team?
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What is the longest winning streak to open a college baseball season?

The longest winning streak to open a season would be Howard College in 2009. The team won 57 consecutive games before losing in the playoffs. The team ended up winning the 2009 JUCO World Series with a record of 63-1. This is of course a JUCO team and this is beats any other record held by any other division (NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA)

What is the longest consecutive streak in any sport of a team making it to the playoffs?


Longest current ncaa football winning streak?

The current longest NCAA Football winning streak (in Division-1) is owned by the Florida State Seminoles of the ACC (16-games) followed by the Michigan State Spartans of the Big-10 (10-games). However, if Division-2 is included, the longest NCAA Football winning streak is owned by. North Dakota State of the MVC, sitting at 24-consecutive wins (the only team in any division with more consecutive victories than Florida State)

What team in any division of college football currently has the longest losing streak?

Heading into the 2008 season Southern Methodist, Idaho and Minnesota share the nation's longest losing streak at 10 games.

Who had the longest consecutive winning streak in sports?

The longest winning streak in years in the history of sports is owned by the New York Yacht Club who held the America's Cup from 1857 (when the syndicate that won the Cup donated the trophy to the club) until 1983 when the Cup was won by the challenger, Australia II of Australia. The longest individual streak in terms of consecutive wins in any sports is held by Jahangir Khan who won 555 squash matches between 1981 and 1986. Edwin Moses nine years nine months nine days, he held the hurdle record of the world.

What pro sports team has the longest season?

Any team in the MLB

What is the difference between an unbeaten streak and a winning streak?

An unbeaten streak is when a team or sportsperson has not lost any match-ups for a specific number of encounters (e.g., Juventus's current forty-six-game non-losing streak as of Oct. 3, 2012) and may include one or more draws. Such a thing is possible, for instance, in soccer during the regular season as well as in the group stage during a tournament of the same but not in the playoffs and knockout stage. It is quite rare in football and baseball and several others sports and competitions in which a winner or winning team is usually required.A winning streak is one composed solely of wins and has thus no draws and no losses, such as the Arizona Cardinals 4-0 perfect record as of Week 4 in the National Football League, and the Undertaker's 20-0 winning streak at WrestleMania in professional wrestling.It should be noted that all winning streaks are also undefeated streaks, but the other way around is not always the case.I hope this helps. Have a nice day.

What is the longest streak of winning seasons by a NCAA football team?

This was true up until 2008.. Michigan definitely does not have it now. Since the question is about the current winning streak and not the past, Florida State University (FSU) has the longest streak of consecutive winning seasons. That may be in jeopardy as they are 6-6 going into their Bowl game. FSU & WVU meet in the Gator Bowl New Years Day. The game was sold out within hours of the matchup. In fact, they had to bring in 6,000 extra seats bringing the total to almost 84,000 which will be more than any BS Bowl brings in. FSU has beaten WVU in the 2004 Gator Bowl when WVU was a much better team than they are now. We'll see if that streat continues. They also beat them in the 1982 Gator Bowl. The only other time they've played. Linfield has not had a losing football season since the 1950s.

How does the wildcard work?

The team that wins the wildcard is the team that is not winning there division (ex: AL east. AFC south) but they have the best record of any team that's not winning their division

Longest High School losing streak in any sport?

acradia high school. in arizona. they suck hella bad.

Who holds the record for longest hitting streak in baseball?

Joe DiMaggio hit safely in a record 56 straight games during the 1941 season, which is the Major League record Interestingly enough, DiMaggio also holds the Pacific Coast League record with a 61 game streak The longest streak in any professional league belongs to Joe Wilhoit, who lit up the Western League in 1919 for a staggering 69 game streak

Which NFL team with most consecutive winning seasons?

Dallas Cowboys holds the record with a winning season every year from 1966 to 1985. It is also the record for most consecutive winning seasons of any professional sports team.

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