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This was true up until 2008.. Michigan definitely does not have it now. Since the question is about the current winning streak and not the past, Florida State University (FSU) has the longest streak of consecutive winning seasons. That may be in jeopardy as they are 6-6 going into their Bowl game. FSU & WVU meet in the Gator Bowl New Years Day. The game was sold out within hours of the matchup. In fact, they had to bring in 6,000 extra seats bringing the total to almost 84,000 which will be more than any BS Bowl brings in. FSU has beaten WVU in the 2004 Gator Bowl when WVU was a much better team than they are now. We'll see if that streat continues. They also beat them in the 1982 Gator Bowl. The only other time they've played.

Linfield has not had a losing football season since the 1950s.

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Q: What is the longest streak of winning seasons by a NCAA football team?
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