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I read awhile back that a US Military sniper hit an enemy about 2 miles or so away...

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Q: What is the longest shot made by a rifle?
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What is the 2 longest rifle shot ever made?

@ 2000 and 2400 M

Longest shot ever made with a 22 magnum rifle?

Accurate and effective to about 175-200 yards.

What sniper rifle has the longest range?

L115A3, otherwise known as the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare. It fires the 8.58x70 cartridge (also known as .338 Lapua Magnum), and the shots made actually exceeded the projected range of the rifle.

What is the longest recorded shot made with a 30 caliber rifle?

You will have to me more specific. Do you mean any rifle that fires a 30 caliber projectile or 30/06 or 308?

What is the worlds longest rifle shot with a 3006 and a 308 rifle?

I'm not quite sure about the 3006, but I know that the longest recorded kill shot with a .308 was at about one and a half miles, possibly more.

What is the longest rifle shot at a target?

What caliber ammo does the rifle use that made the longest ever shot?

Your question is a bit ambiguous, so I'll go with the notion you're referring to the longest confirmed kill by a sniper. That was achieved with a rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum.

What is the longest accurate target rifle shot NOT sniping humans or animals?

1000 yards or so.

What is the Longest recorded shot with an M16 Rifle?

1.2 miles per the us marine handbook.

What was the longest shot made with a bow?

200 yards

What is the longest accurate shot with a rifle that's Not a Kill?

I actually meant a target, Sorry.. I didn't mean hunting

Longest shot fired from a rifle?

You will have to be a little more specific. target shooting, sniping, BP or CF or RF?