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Q: What is the longest race Usain Bolt has ran?
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Who ran the fastest 200 meter race?

usain bolt

What is Usain Bolt's longest run?

usaind bolts longest run was 40000m when he ran a marathon in jamaca

Who is the fastest human being?

If your question relates to a'foot race' then Justin Gatlin who ran the 100 meters in 9.45 seconds in 2011. This was o.13 seconds faster that Usain Bolt

When was the first Olympics that Usain Bolt ran in?


Who ran the fastest 200 meters?

Usain Bolt

What is the fastest speed usane bolt ran?

usain bolt is the fastest

When asafa Powell beat usain what was his split time?

I belive Usain Bolt ran a 9.77 and Asafa Powell ran a 9.72. So ~0.05 seconds.

Who is the fastest human in world?

As per the 1012 Olympics, Usain Bolt of Jamaica.

What is the speed of Usain Bolt?

His last 100m run was 9.69 seconds as of the 2008 Olympics. He has also ran the 200m in 19.30 seconds and holds the world's best 150m time at 14.35 seconds. usain bolt last 100m race time was 9.58

How many years has Usain Bolt ran?

he has been running professionally for 3 years.

How did usain bolt become famouse?

he ran fast and became the fastest man on the earth

How fast did Usain Bolt really run in the Olympics?

he ran the 100m in 4.23 seconds