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I am going to revise his previous answer, because I do not agree. Although there have been some long bombs out of the park, the longest MEASURABLE home run was hit by Ted Williams on June 6, 1946.

A vivid reminder of the greatness Ted Williams bestowed upon the Red Sox franchise is the single red seat (location of where the ball landed) that stands out amongst its green counterparts in the right field bleachers.

On June 9, 1946, the Splendid Splinter connected off of Detroit's Fred Hutchinson for the longest home run ever hit into the Fenway bleachers.

56-year-old Joe Boucher, a construction engineer from Albany, New York, was in the seat when the ball, which traveled 502 feet, fell from the sky and deflected off his straw hat. But Boucher didn't end up with the ball, adding, "after it hit my head, I was no longer interested."

The seat, located in section 42, row 37, seat 21, was painted red to commemorate Williams' titanic blast, although at the time of the home run the bleachers were real bleachers and not individual seats.

All these years later, Red Sox fans, well aware of the seat's history, can be seen flocking to the area after each home game to have their picture taken in or around the seat.

While straight line measuring marks the spot at 502 feet, contemporary analysis by HitTracker has estimated the true distance of the home run to be between 520 and 535 feet, due to the elevation of the Fenway bleachers. No other player at Fenway Park has ever hit that seat since, although David Ortiz has come close.

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Q: What is the longest home run hit in Fenway park?
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What is the longest home run hit by a Royal at home or away?

Ronnie Green of the KC Royals hit the longest home run at Fenway Park in 1987

Why is there a faded chair in right field at fenway?

Faded Chair? There is a special red chair that is so colored because it is the confirmed longest home run ever hit at Fenway Park. It was hit by the famous Ted Williams.

How do you get a ticket to sit in the lone red seat at fenway park?

its where some guy was sitting during a game. he had a straw hat and he fell asleep. someone hit a home run and the guy got hit in the head It is the location of the longest measurable Home Run hit Inside Fenway Park!! It was hit in June of 1946 by Ted Williams off the Detroit Tigers, it was measured an incredible 502 ft Section 42 Row 37 seat 21

How many home runs did Babe Ruth hit at fenway park?

Babe Ruth hit 49 career home runs at Fenway Park.

What is the longest HR hit at Fenway Park?

302 ft by the great bambino

Who was the youngest player to hit a home run at Fenway Park?

Robin Yount

How do you get to the secret park on MLB slugfest 2003?

hit a home run at fenway

Seat 21 of row 37 in section 42 has been painted red to signify the spot where the longest measurable home run was ever hit inside Fenway Park. Who was the player that hit this home run?

Ted Williams

When did Tony Conigliaro hit his last home run in Fenway Park?

may 20 1975

What does the Red Seat in center field bleachers at Fenway represent?

It represents the longest home run hit by Ted Williams.

When and where did Babe Ruth hit an infield home run?

Babe Ruth hit an infield home run at Fenway Park in 1917 when he played with the Red Sox.

What Red Sox players hit a home run in their first Fenway Park plate appearance?

Orlando Caberra