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55. Georgia was 4th and 57 at Tennessee in the year 2011.

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4 & 52

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Q: What is the longest fourth down in college football?
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What do most football teams do on the fourth down?

They punt.

Does the ankle count as down in college football?

no it is a knee that is considered a down.

When are you down in college football Does a wrist count or is that part of your hand?

A wrist being down does not constitute a player being down. The rule stands the same in HS, college or NFL football.

If in football you line up for a field goal but it's a bad snap can you try again on fourth down?

If it was fourth down and it was a bad snap on fourth down, no, you can not have an extra down. If it was third down, then you can fall on the ball and try on fourth down. Bad snaps have turned into runs for touchdowns or passes for touchdowns. They have also turned into interceptions for touchdowns.

When do the College Football Playoffs begin?

The NCAA college football playoffs will not start until January 1st, 2014. There are several college bowls and there has to be teams narrowed down to play in each bowl tournament.

When you move the yardage markers for a first down does the clock stop in the NFL?

No. Not in the NFL, only in college football

When is a college football player considered down?

when he is just laying therewhen he is just laying there

If in football you line up for a field goal but its a bad snap can you try again on fourth down?

Yes. If a field goal is attempted prior to fourth down and the snap is bad, the ball is not kicked, and the offense keeps possession of the ball, the field goal may be attempted on the next down.

What does it mean for a football team to take advantage of the football field?

in American football, to take care of the football field is to always have good field position. (to punt it when its fourth down and you're on your 25 yrd. line) and most simply make plays using your surroundings.

When was rule change when knee down put into effect in college football?

no sucking boys balls sack b....

What college football program makes the most money?

Ohio state Definitely Ohio State hands down.

Can a high school football team attempt a field goal on fourth down if they missed an attempt on 3rd down?

Yes. You can go for a Field Goal on any down and try again. Except For 4th of course.