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You could check the Ping website for vintage clubs, but the lofts would be the same as those of the current G series.

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Q: What is the loft on a ping 7 iron?
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What is the loft of a chipper club?

Normally the loft of a 7 iron.

Between a driver and seven iron which has more loft?

7 iron

What are golf iron numbers mean?

The number relates to the loft of the club and the length of the shaft. For example a 3 iron has the lowest loft and longest shaft. A 7 irons has more loft and a shorter shaft than the 3 iron.

What is the degree of loft for Ping G15 irons?

PW - lie 64°, loft 45° 9 - lie 63.75°, loft 40° 8 - lie 63°, loft 36° 7 - lie 62.25°, loft 32° 6 - lie 61.5°, loft 29° 5 - lie 60.75°, loft 26° 4 - lie 60°, loft 23° 3 - lie 59.25°, loft 20°

What has more loft 3 iron 5 iron or 9 iron?

9 Iron has the most loft and least distance. 3 iron has the least loft and most distance.

What is the loft of ping eye wedge?

The loft is 60 degrees. The original ping Eye SW was 57*, the LW 61* The Ping Eye 2 + (plus) SW is 53*, SW 58*

How do they measure the loft on an iron?


What does a ping moxie 2006 club look like?

Ping moxie is a junior set of clubs for a 8-12 year olds consisting of sand iron, 9 iron, 7 iron, 5 iron, fairway wood , driver, putter and stand bag

What is the loft angle of a 12 iron?

7.4 degrees

What is the rule for 7 iron loft low to high?

There is no rule saying how high or low the loft of any club can be. Someone at my golf school has an 11 degree driver since he cannot hit the ball very high.

What is the difference between golf irons?

A 9 iron is shorter, and has a little more added loft to it, so you can hit the green and not go over. A 7 iron is a mid iron, and is a little longer, and the loft is less than a 9 iron so you can have a little more added distance than a 9.

Loft of 9 iron?

generally 41 or 42 degrees