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46 degrees. Also the A wedge is 51 and the sand wedge is 55.

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Q: What is the loft on a Taylor made r9 pitching wedge?
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What is the loft of a Taylor made r7draw pitching wedge?

Most pitching wedges are around 48 degrees loft

What is the loft Taylor made r7 sand wedge?

56 degree loft

What degree of loft is a Taylor made pitching wedge?

Taylormade pitching wedges are usually 48 degrees, however it can vary across different model ranges.

When is the Taylor made approach wedge used?

An approach wedge is basically a gap wedge (50 or 52 degrees of loft depending on model) This wedge is used when you are at a yardage which is between your pitching and sand wedge. You can also use this club for pitching, chipping and bunker play.

What is the loft for a U wedge golf club?

A U wedge is a utility wedge, i assume it is made by Ping. If so it is 50 degrees. If it is made by another company it is basically the same as a gap wedge, in which case it would have 50-52 degrees of loft.

Does Taylor Made have a burner plus 52 degree wedge?


What loft is the rescue 4 Taylor made golf club?

19 degrees

Where are Ann Taylor stores located?

There are 981 Ann Taylor stores in the US. These are made up of 278 dedicated Ann Taylor stores, 101 Factory stores, 510 Loft stores, and 92 Loft outlet stores. There are also retail outlets at both the Ann Taylor website and the Loft website.

What degree is a taylormade A wedge?

As of Dec. 2008: Not all Taylor Made Irons sets carry an "A" Wedge. In all sets that do, the loft angle is 50 degrees. See: for the specifications page for the current "Burner Plus" model.

What is loft on new Taylor made burner irons?

Loft may range from 19 degree to 60 degree depending on the specs of the iron.

What is a your wedge in golf clubs?

Also called a Sand Wedge ... usually has a higher loft than what can be achieved with the "9" iron. Pro Golfers can have these custom made to their preferred angle of trajectory.

What is a 10 club in golf?

These clubs are usually made by Callaway, I have seen them in the Big Bertha sets. They are basically a pitching wedge. I would consider a 10 Iron to be more of a lob wedge. Mine is an old Spalding with a 60º loft, and hands down the best club in my bag. I have worked magic with that 10 iron.

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