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4 lbs. 1 oz.

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โˆ™ 2009-06-09 19:05:25
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Q: What is the lightest brand of bmx bikes?
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Are framed brand BMX bikes good?

are framed bmx bikes any good

Is Haro a bad bike brand?

in my opinion i rate haro bmx bikes,gt bmx bikes and redline bmx bikes as the top 3 bmx bike brands

What is the best brand for BMX bikes?


Are bmx bikes best brand of bikes?

BMX isn't a brand, it's a type of bicycle. Whether it's best or not depends on what you want to do with it.

Is united recruit bmx bikes a good brand?

Very good.

What is the lightest BMX bike brand for adults?

The lightest bike for adults is probably a redline or a hyper but hypers are kind of expensive

Is haro a good bmx brand?

ANSWER: I believe that Haro is the best BMX complete bikes for the money. I love my Haro BMX race bike.

What is haro bikes?

Haro is a bike brand/ manufacturer! The started many years ago wit BMX bikes...

Where can you get a brand named bmx bike for under 160?

You should try Winstanleys bmx, they have some cheap clearance bikes.

What is so good about bmx?

Bmx is good because it is a name brand for bikes. They offer a great variety of bikes and parts that can customize and make your bike a better stunt bike.

What kind of bike is the is lightest bmx bike ever?

A dirt racing bmx bike is the lightest....If you are looking for type, then maybe haro, dk, redlines are light but I don't recommend redlines, its kind of a feel type thing.the lightest bike ever is KHE (brand) but really good light bikes are sunday and untied and redlines arnt bad at all theyre are the prefered bike of the DewTour and xgames

Does gt bmx bikes make dyno bmx bikes?

yes they do

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