What is the length of an F1 race?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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it depends on the:



3.number of laps cars

the short races are uasually taken place at monza,Italy. with an estimated time of 75 mins without safety cars and with a great driver and car. the long races are uasually when rain is involved because the cars will go slower due to aquaplaning and a substantial lack of grip.

safety cars- sent out when there is a potential danger due to a crash or other hazards such as rain or oil from a car.

in 2012 a regulation states that a race can only last up to 2 hours but dont think that is the time for the race because the time dosent count if there is a red flag situation.

Red Flag Situation: when there is a large hazard that maybe a car is stuck on track on the racing line or the rain is undrivable. when there is a red flag whatever the situation the drivers in order of track position line up on the grid and the mechanics come on track and work on the car. then when the track is ready the race starts up again

the longest race was the 2011 canadain grand prix which lasted 4 hours accually 4 hours and 4 mins. and that race had safety cars, a red flag, crashes, ALOT of rain and it was considered as one of the best grand prix ever! also the winner Jenson Button started 7th, had a drive thru penalty,pitted for tyres about 5 or 6 times, at one point he was last, and overtook the long race leader sebastian Vettel on the last lap!he did this all because he was much faster than everyone, plus he is one if not the best in changable conditions.

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The lengths of the race tracks that are part of the 2011 F1 racing calendar are as follows:

a. Bahrain - 6.299 km

b. Australia - 5.303

c. Malaysia - 5.543

d. China - 5.451

e. Turkey - 5.338

f. Spain - 4.655

g. Monaco - 3.340

h. Canada - 4.361

i. European (Valencia) - 5.419

j. British - 5.901

k. German - 4.574

l. Hungary - 4.381

m. Belgian - 7.004

n. Italian - 5.793

o. Singapore - 5.067

p. Japan - 5.807

q. Korea - 5.621

r. India - N/A (It is a new track and measurements are not known now)

s. Abu Dhabi - 5.554

t. Brazil - 4.309

All measurements are in kilometres (km)

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The German GP is held in the hockenheim circuit of Germany. This is a very old circuit and has been hosting F1 races since 1951. This circuit is 4.574 kms in length and the race is usually 67 laps long. The total distance a race car would go around the circuit during a race is approximately 306 kms.

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A F1 race track is usually approximately 5 kms in length. Some tracks like Monaco are smaller (only 3.34 km) while some of them are very long (7.004 km) The other tracks keep their racing distance between these two values which is usually around the 5 km mark.

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With the exception of the race in Monaco, all Formula One races must have enough laps to exceed 305 kilometers. The Monaco Grand Prix has a race distance of laps to exceed 260 kilometers.

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Q: What is the length of an F1 race?
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