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A left wing is a forward on the left side

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Q: What is the left wing in field hockey?
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What does the left wing do in field hockey?

Defend his area

What are the players called in hockey?

The positions of hockey players are: center, left wing, right wing, right defense, left defense, and goalie.

What are the position of hockey game in the field?

There is a sweeper, a right, centre and left back, a left a right wing, a right,centre and left midfielder and and centre forward.

What are positions in ice hockey?

Center , Left wing , right wing , deffence,

What are positions in hockey teams?

Left Wing, Center, Right Wing, Defense (left and right), Goalie

What are the postions in hockey?

Center Left wing Right wing 2 defenseman (left and right) Goalie

What are the poistions of ice hockey?

goalie, defender, center, left wing & right wing.

What are the players positions in hockey?

goalie, left wing, right wing, center and defence

Field hockey position chart?

Goalkeeper Sweeper Right back Central defence Left back Right midfield/half Centre half Left midfield/half Right wing Centre forward Left wing

What are some positions in the game of hockey?

Left Wing, Center, Right Wing, Left Defense, Right Defense, Goalie

What are the field hockey positions?

Defense: goalie, right back, center back, left back Mid-field: right mid, center mid, left mid Offense: right wing, right inner, left inner, left wing These are the positions if played in a 1-3-3-4 formation.

Ice hockey players positions?

goalie, center, defense, right wing, left wing

What are the player roles of hockey?

net minder ,defense, left wing, right wing, center.

What are the positions in a hockey match?

In ice hockey there are three forwards, Right wing, left wing, and center. There is two defenseman and one goalie.

Is there a left handed field hockey stick?


What do you call the players on hockey teams?

centerman wingman(right wing left wing) defenseman and goalie .

What are the main positions in a hockey game?

Left Wing Center Right Wing Defense Defense Goaltender

What are the posistions in field hockey?

There are a number of different combinations of positions typically, it depends on the strengths of the team. Normally: Defence: Right Back, Left Back & Goalie Mid-field: Right Half, Left Half, Centre Half Forwards: Left Inner, Right Inner Strikers: Left Wing, Right Wing & Centre Forward

Can you get a left handed Field Hockey stick?

Yes you can get Left Handed Field Hockey Stick,however... unfortunately due to the rules and regulations of The International Field Hockey Federation it would be illegal to play with it at present.

How many positions on an NHL team?

The positions in ice hockey are centre, left wing, right wing, and defense.

Which hand is on the top part of the stick for field hockey?

The left hand is on the top part of the stick for field hockey.

Sports left handers can not play?

Field hockey

What is the floor position in field hockey?

What position are you talking about? There is.. Center Forward Right Wing Left Wing Goalie 3 Full Back (Help the goalie) Fullback (Near the goalie) 3 Half Backs

Where does the winger in field hockey stand?

It is actually called the wing, and they are the outer positions on the forward line, the left wing and right wing are what they are called. In field hockey, they always stay to the side so you player can give you a breakaway. This is when everyone is clumped on one side of the field, they pass you the ball so no one on the other team is blocking you. When you are by the other teams goal cage, the wing stands at the post, or the side of the goal, so when someone passes them the ball, they can just easily hit it in.

What are the players called that stands behind the forwards?

In field hockey: Midfielders... There are usually 4 of them with 3 forwards and 3 defense-men and 1 goalie. In ice hockey: Defensemen. They come in pairs with 3 forwards (Left Wing, Centre, and Right Wing) and one goalie.