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the leader ofa football can be the coach. the leader of the players is called captain and the leader on the field is the quarterback on offense and usually the middle linebacker

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Q: What is the lead person of a football team called?
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What is a person who encourages a football team?

A person who encourages (ie roots for) a particular football team is called a fan.

What is the person called who is in charge of equipments on the field on a football team?

An Empire.

What is the new zealand football team called?

The New Zealand football team are called nicknamed the "All Whites".

What football team was called Washington's fisher goes wild?

what football team was called washington's fisher

What football team are the best?

in England there is a football/soccer team called Liverpool. THEY ARE THE BEST.

What is the names of the Italian football team?

The Italian football team is called the Azzuries The Blues.

Does Ashford university have a football team?

Ashford University does not have a football team. According to the Ashford University store, they have a football team, they are called "Saints"

Who was on the 1969 Marshall football team?

Rick Dale Tolley was on the 1969 Marshall football team. He was actually the lead captain of the team during 1969 and 1970.

What football team is called the American team?

Dallas Cowboys

Which football team are called the canaries?

Norwich City Football Club

What is The Minnesota Football team called?


Does Namibia have a football team?

it is called Welwitscias

What are the players in a football team called?


What Is Missouri's Football Team Called?


What football team was called IOU's?


Which football team is called marine mammals?


What are a group of football players called?

A team.

What football team is called loaders?


Is there a football team in the UK called Argentina?


What is a side of football player called?


What is a group of footballer called?

A football team.

What is the football team in Italy called?

They are called Azurries the Blues.

What is the name of University of Alabama's football team?

The University of Alabama's football team is called the Crimson Tide.

Is Puma a soccer team or Not?

The Argentinan football team are called the Pumas.

What football team is given the nickname 'spirits'?

There is not a football team in England with the nickname of the spirits. However, there is a team called the Spirites, given to the team in Chesterfield.