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A spare.

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Q: What is the last pin on the rack for bowling known as?
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Does Ten-pin bowling have a final?

The tenth frame (last round of bowling) is treated as the final.

Where is the last pins on Spooky you spy?

2 bowling pins on the roof, 1 rolling pin near the bottom window and near the top bowling pin to the right is a close pin!

Which is bigger airport bowling or ten pin bowling?

Obviously the ten pin bowling

How do you play 5 pin bowling?

You cannot. It is 10-pin bowling.

What is the height of a bowling pin?

The height of a bowling pin is 15 inches.

If a strike is made in bowling and a pin stands back up and lands somewhere else what is done to correct the situation?

If a pin stands back up or is moved out of place, then it is not a strike. The pin must be bowled where it is standing. If the pin is out of range for the rack to pick it up and the sweep knocks it over, the pin is placed back in its original position. If the pin is out of place for the rack to pick up and the sweep does not knock it over, the pin must be shot at where it stands.

How many points is a bowling pin worth?

1 point a bowling pin

Does a bowling strike count if the rack knocks the pin over?

One is required to knock down all pins at once in a game of bowling in order to get a strike. If playing five pin, then 5 pins would need to be knocked down. Ten pins would be required in a game of 10 pin bowling.

When is nine pin bowling officially changed to ten pin bowling?

in the 1830's is when they started to ban 9-pin bowling in Texas, so many changed to 10 pin.

What is the front pin in bowling starting with king?

The one closest to you is the head pin, or 1 pin. The rest of the pins are numbered from left to right on each row: the second row has the 2 and 3, third has 4, 5 and 6, and the fourth row has 7, 8, 9 and 10.

What is a bowling pin?

A bowling pin is one of the ten wooden objects that are set up and knocked down in the sport of bowling.

Why are there ten bowling pins?

There are ten pins in ten pin bowling as that is the nature of that sport. In 5 pin bowling, there are 5 pins.