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His full name is Jeff Saturday.

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Q: What is the last name of the Colts center?
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What is the name of the current center for the Indianapolis Colts?

Jeff Saturday

What is the last name of Malcolm in the Middle?

Wilkerson nah his last name is in center

Who was the Center For the Indianapolis Colts in 1987?

1987 was the strike season when replacement games where played. The regular starting center for the Colts was Ray Donaldson and the starting center in the replacement games was Ron Plantz.

What was the former name of the Indianapolis Colts?

Baltimore Colts

What is the last name of Malcolm fromMalcolm in the middle?

Wilkerson nah his last name is in center

When did the Indianapolis Colts get there name?

The colts got there name back in Baltimore. They decided to keep their name when they moved too Indianapolis

What is record between colts pats in last 8 meetings including playoffs?

5-3 Colts

What NFL team has the name young male horses?

The Indiana Colts

What were the odds on the last Titans VS Colts game?

According to bet-firm the odds in last Titans VS Colts game weren't very much in favour of the Tennessee Titans (4-8), but in favour of the Indianapolis Colts.

When was the last time the Colts had a safety in a game?


Who was the last quarterback for the Baltimore colts?

Mike Pagel.

Where did the Indianapolis Colts get there name from?

They were originally called the Baltimore Colts until they moved to Indianapolis and got their current name. For more on the Colts, be sure to like Sports Media 101 on facebook!