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Q: What is the largest winning margin in a college baseball game in 2009?
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What is the Largest winning margin in NBA playoff game?


What is the largest margin of victory in a High School baseball game?

It was one by a team 1000000000 to 0

What is the largest margin of victory in an extra inning game in major league baseball history?


What was the largest winning margin in an NBA finals game?

The Chicago Bulls beat the Utah Jazz 96-54 in Game 3 of the 1998 NBA Finals.

What is the largest margin by which a major league baseball team won the division title over the second place team?


What is the Raiders largest margin of victory?


What was the largest winning margin in an NBA game this year?

It was the Las Angeles Lakers vs. the record setting (for most losses in a season) Cleveland Cavaliers. The score was 112 - 57; a 55 point differential.

Largest margin of victory Syracuse basketball?


What is the longest winning streak in the UF vs FSU series?

The long UF winning streak is 9 games (1968-1976). The longest FSU winning streak is 4 games (1977-1980 and 1987-1990).

What is the largest-ever margin of victory for an NCAA basketball tournament game?

The largest margin of victory was 30 pts in a champtionship game. Not sure about just tournament games.

What is the Mercy Rule in Little League baseball?

In Little League baseball, rules usually call for the game to end if the winning team is ahead by 10 runs after five innings. In some leagues, this margin may be as little as eight.

What margin is required to choose the president?

The winning candidate has to have a simple majority of votes from the electoral college. In other words, the candidate will only need to win by ONE electoral vote to become the president. He must receive a simple majority of the 535 votes in the electoral college.