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Q: What is the largest score at a football match?
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What is the highest football score in history?

The largest known win in a professional, senior match was 36-0 when Arbroath beat Bon Accord in a Scottish Cup match in 1885.

What was the highest score in a premiership football match?


What was the lowest score in a football match?

It is 0-0.

What is Chelsea's highest winning score in a football match?

Chelsea's highest score in football is Chelsea vs Wigan 8-0

How do you score goals football?

if you want to score loads of goals in a football match you need speed,position,technique and loads of space and skill

What was the score of the first international football match?

Sorry to dissappoint but the score was 0-0 England vs Scotland

Who was the last midfielder to score 4 goals in a football match?

Frank Lampard

What is the biggest score of football match?

Brazil 67 0 American Samoa

What does null mean in english?

In a football score it can mean nil, or that the match was a draw.

What was the score Scotland v England football match 1872?

It was a no scoring draw.

How many goals will a player score to take the football in a match?

Traditionally, any player who scores three goals in a match is given the match ball.

What is the main aim of football match?

The main aim of a football match is ofcourse to score goals and win the match. But playing the game is fair manner and playing it in a less physical and aggressive manner is also important.

What is the highest football score in a match?

The answer is in 1916, a football game between Cumberland College and Georgia Tech ended with a final score of 222-0 in favor of Georgia Tech

What is the largest difference is score in a college football game?


What is the score in football match between UAE and Lebanon in 2012?


Is it possible to score 100 goals in one Football Match?

No it is not possible, even as you only have 90 minutes it is not possible to score every minute.

What was the first ever international football match?

The first ever international match was between England and Scotland and the final score was 0-0

What is the highest score by a british football team in a European match?

Liverpool 8-0 Besiktas

How long must a football match be played for score to stand?

It mst be 70 for the result to stand

Which team score most goals in a single match of world cup football 2010?


Whats was the largest score in a football game?

The largest known win in a professional, senior match was 36-0 when Arbroath beat Bon Accord in a Scottish Cup match in 1885. More recently, Australia beat American Samoa 31-0 in a 2002 World Cup qualifying match on April 11, 2001. Archie Thompson scored 13 individual goals, an international record!

What was the largest ever attendance for a football match at the world cup?

the record is 199,854

What is the largest football league match attendance record for England?

It was at Chelsea in 2004.

What is the score of the trophy card in Match Attex 0809?

It has no score, as far as I'm aware trophies can't play football. More info at

What is the biggest score in a football match?

In the world cup it is 9-0 in Hungry favour verses Romania.