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The largest stadium in Spain is the Santiago Bernabaue in Madrid, it is Real Madrids stadium.

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Q: What is the largest football stadium in Spain?
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What is the largest football stadium called?

The Rungrado May Day stadium is the largest soccer stadium in the world.

What is the largest on-campus college football stadium?

Beaver stadium

Largest football stadium in the world?

Great Strahov Stadium is the largest stadium in the world with a capacity of 240000 seats

What is the largest league football stadium in UK?

Old Trafford Stadium!

What is the largest American football stadium?

The largest American football stadium in America Michigan stadium nicknamed "the big house". It is located in Ann Arbor Michigan, near Detroit.

What is the world's largest football stadium?

Azteca stadium, MexicoThe Salt Lake "soccer" stadium in Kolkata, India (Calcutta) seats 120,000 people. The largest "American football" stadium is smaller than that.

Largest football stadium?

Rungrado May Day Stadium. It can hold 150,000 people. It is in North Korea Pyongyang.

What football stadium in America holds the most people?

The largest football stadium in the United States is Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. It holds 109,901 people. The largest NFL stadium is MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. It holds 82,556.

What is the name of the largest football stadium in the world?

The largest football stadium in the world is the Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang North Korea. It holds 150 000 spectators. The second largest is the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata which holds 120 000.

Where is the largest HD TV?

In a football stadium in Texas.

What are the famous football stadiums in Spain?

The stadium of the Barcelona Dragons