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There are 30 teams in the major league including two in New York, two in Chicago and two in the Los Angeles metro area. That means their are 14 cities, or metro areas, that have the 30 teams. All other cities in the US do not have major league teams. You do the math.

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How about Columbus, Ohio to start. Larger than Cleveland or Cincinnati in population but just Ohio State football and no MLB, NFL, or NBA team.

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Los Angeles California

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Q: What is the largest city without an NFL team?
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What city doesn't have an NFL team?

Most cities of the world do not have a NFL team

Which NFL team has largest fan base?

The Cowboys

A city that does NOT have a NFL team?

Las Vegas

Which NFL team has least largest fan base?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Which city had a Major League Baseball and a NFL team at the same time?

This has been true for all twenty of the US metropolitan areas with the largest populations; some of which have had TWO NFL and MLB teams at the same time.

What city are the NFL team called the Seahawks from?


What is the biggest city to have an NFL team?

Probably NY.

What city are the NFL team called the Dolphins from?


What Team has the largest arena in the NFL?

It's the FedEx Field of the Washington Redskins

Where will the NFL expaned to next?

The question asks for speculation, but the safest bet would be a 1 team expansion to Los Angeles. The NFL gets alot of pressure from the networks for not having a team in the 2nd largest television market, and there has been a variety of plans discussed to address the issue from moving an existing NFL team into the city, or expanding there. This is not imminent or even decided upon.

What is the smallest city to currently have an NFL team?

Green Bay is by far the smallest market with an NFL team, with a population of only 101,203.

What city did not have an NFL franchise within its city limits 2008?

The largest is Los Angeles, California.