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Q: What is the largest attended stadium sport event in the US?
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What is the most attended sport?

Soccer is the most attended sport in the world but only while the Fifa World Cup is on. Nascar has the largest stadiums but are not always sold out, daytona 500 is the biggest stadium in racing, in soccer a staduim in Brazil is the largest staduim that at maximum can host nearly 250,000 people.

What and where is Manhattan's largest sport arena?

new Yankee stadium

Which sport has the largest ground?

Football has a stadium which can fit 9 football pitches 9 full size

When was Petro Sport Stadium created?

Petro Sport Stadium was created in 2006.

What is the most attended sport in America?

Football is the most watched and most attended sport in America

Does every sport or team have there own field or stadium?

If it is for the school's sport team, not all have their own field or stadium.

What is the most attended sport in the US?


What is most attended sport in US?


What sport is anratmho?

It is a Marathon stadium

What is the largest spectator sport single event?

The Indianapolis 500 race car event. The Indy 500 attracts around 400,000 spectators. The New York City Marathon is the largest single-day spectator event, attracting 2 million fans.

What is a ten event Olympics sport called?

A decathlon is a ten event sport at the Olympics.

Is 'sport' a concrete noun or an abstract noun?

As much as we love the excitement of a live sporting event at the stadium or arena or love to watch sports on television or through the Internet, the word 'sport' is an abstract noun since it refers to an action or event. However, the equipment needed to play a specific sport is definitely concrete.

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