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250km per hour

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2012-03-18 19:36:38
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Q: What is the land speed record in a car in km per hour?
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What is the land speed record for a rocket car?

The land record of a rocket car is 1216km per hour

Who set the first land speed record in car racing?

Alexander Winton set the first land speed record in auto racing in Daytona Beach in 1903. His speed was 68.18 mph.

How fast is the fastest land car?

763.035 MPH is the world land speed record held by the rocket car THRUST SSC.

What is the fastest car on this planet fastest speed record on land?

The Thrust SSC which stands for Thrust Super Sonic Car holds the fastest land speed record as of today. They achieved it in October 15 1997. The speed 763 Mph, this is faster than the speed of sound.

Can a land speed car go up to 2000 mph?

i believe that the current land speed record is around 1260mph and it was set by the australlians

What was the land speed record for 1960?

the fastest land speed record in a ford car was set in a ford gt 500 kr mustang with superchargers (x6) and nitrous! it did 200 mph

What is the fastest land speed for a car?

The current land speed record is held by ThrustSSC, a twin Rolls-Royce jet engine powered car. It reached a speed of 763 mph on October 15, 1997.

What is the car landspeed world record?

Thrust SCC achieving a land speed record of 228 km/h or 763 mph. It is the first car to break the sound barrier (speed of sound)

What car set the land speed record of more than 127mph in 1906?

A Stanley steamer

What was the name of the car in which Andy Green broke the land speed record in 1997?

The Trust SSC.

Which is the fastest car from all other?

The fastest car is the Bloodhound SSC which can reach a top speed around 500mph. This car holds the land speed record. However, it is not road legal.

Speed of a car per hour?

The speed of an car per hour[s] is the speed that the car is going.Example- If a car is going 75 miles for5 hours,what is the cars speed.The car speed is 75 miles per hour.

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