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The jacket that you wear during Fencing, is a white shirt with gloves, and a helmet. That's what people wear during fencing.

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Q: What is the jacket you wear during fencing?
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What are some tips for fencing safety?

To fence safely, you have to wear a mask, chest protector, underarm protector, fencing pants, fencing, jacket, and glove.

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It's just called "Fencing jacket"

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Fencing jacket--and lame (electric jacket) if doing electric fencing Epee/Foil/Sabre (3 different types of weapons) Face mask Glove (dominant hand only) For electric fencing, you need more--you would need a body cord, a mask cord (for Sabre only), and a lame (an electric jacket) (for Sabre and foil only), and an electric glove (for Sabre only)

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