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The Marcaña stadium. 200,000 spectators watched the 1950 world cup final there

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Q: What is the is a famous soccer stadium rio?
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What is the most famous soccer stadium in Rio?

the amex

What is the most famous soccer stadium in rio 2 words?

i don't know i thinks its maraca stadium

What is Rio's most famous soccer stadium?

Apparently rio ferdianded did state at national tv man united television that is- that it was a dream to play at wembley - however calls old Trafford his dream home

What is the name of the famous football stadium in rio?

Maracana Stadium

Where is Maracana Soccer Stadium?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What is rio's most famous football stadium in two words?

maracana stadium

What is Rios most famous football soccer stadium?

maracana stadium

Where is the Maracana Soccer Stadium?

Rio De Janeiro Fluminense and Flamengo play their home games there

What stadium is the most famous stad ium ion rio Brazil?


What world famous sporting event will take place in Rio in 2016?


Is Rio de Janeiro a stadium?

Rio de Janiero is the name of the city. The Stadium there is the Maracana Stadium

When was Rio Tinto Stadium created?

Rio Tinto Stadium was created in 2008.