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maracana stadium

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Q: What is rio's most famous football stadium in two words?
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What is Rios most famous football stadium?

maracana stadium

What is Rios most famous football soccer stadium?

maracana stadium

What is the most famous soccer stadium in rio 2 words?

i don't know i thinks its maraca stadium

Why is Brazil excited about Maracana stadium?

The Maracana stadium is Brazil’s most famous football stadium, It has hosted two World Cup finals in 1950 and 2014.Many of Brazil's most famous and inspirational moments in football have happened there, and they are now going to be playing in the semifinal and hopefully the final on their home turf.

What is rios most famous soccer stadium?

maracana stadium

Which stadium in is the best in England?

The most famous stadium in England isWembley.It attracts many tourists because of its modernarchitectureand it is also used for may other functions, not just football.

What is the most famous stadium in California?

The California Golden Bears Stadium!

What football stadium can hold the most people?


What is the names of most famous rugby pitches all over the world?

Eden Park in New Zealand Millennium Stadium (Wales) The most famous is Twickinham the home of the Rugby Football Union

What is the most famous stadium in the world?


What football stadium in America holds the most people?

The largest football stadium in the United States is Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. It holds 109,901 people. The largest NFL stadium is MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. It holds 82,556.

Why is David Beckham the most famous football player in the world?

no but he is the most famous football player for England

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