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Q: What is the inner circle in one day cricket for?
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Bigger sixes in the cricket one day?

longer sixes in the one day cricket

Who has taken the most wickets in one day cricket?

MURALIDARAN has taken the most wickets in one day cricket(515 wickets).

What is the meaning of the abbreviation 'ODI' in terms of cricket?

One Day International"ODI" is an abbreviation of a "One Day International" cricket match.

Which bowler is most hattrick in one day international cricket cricket?


Which form of cricket is sachin tendulkar best in?

One Day International Cricket

What are the three main types of cricket played in the world?

There are limited over cricket, test match cricket and one day cricket

How do you find the approximate circumference of the inner circle?

it depends on what the radius is if they give you one

What year did India play its first one day cricket match?

In 1975, India played its first one day cricket match

Where did the one-day cricket begin?

First One-day cricket World cup was held in England in 1975.

What is present ranking of India in cricket?

Test cricket- 2nd One day- 1st

Does a tangent circle pass through the center of the circle?

If the tangent circles are outside of one another, then neither passes through the center of the other. If one circle is within the other, then the inner tangent circle might contain the center point of the larger circle. There will be infinitely many inner tangent circles that do not.

Who is the number one in one day cricket?

sanath jayasurya