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read it maybe youll know then

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Q: What is the immediate consequences of the meeting between the mandarin and kwan- si?
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What is a flag meeting?

A flag meeting is a meeting that occurs between military officials between two border countries.

How do you write a conversation between two friends who are meeting at dinner?

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howm did the meeting in vienna affect relation between kennedy and khrushchev?

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A public meeting has to do more with businesses, basically a regular meeting. Meeting in public is just meeting someone like a friend or family member in public, like meeting them at a bus stop or restaurant.

What is the Manama Dialogue in Bahrain about?

The Manama Bahrain is a significant regional security meeting in the Middle East and works as a tool for regional security diplomacy. It helps in private bilateral and multilateral meetings between participating states to fulfil immediate policy goals.

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It's an initial meeting between two (2) or more parties.

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A Summit meeting.

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