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lots off History of Baseball please check out this site about Babe, Ruth Jackie Robinson, and much more here is the link

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Q: What is the history of what baseballs are made out of?
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How many Baseballs are made a day?

There are about 2 million baseballs made each year by the Rawlings company. This means that there are about 5,480 baseballs made each day.

Who made the firs baseballs?

Joseph H. Shockley made the first baseballs in New York.

Is there an American made baseball that is made in the U.S by Americans?

As far as I know there are no baseballs made in the U.S. All Major League baseballs are made in Costa Rica by Rawlings. 80% of all baseballs made in the world are made in China.

Where were baseballs made before Costa Rica?

Before 1990, the major league baseballs were made in Haiti.

What are baseballs made out of?


Where are Major League baseballs made?

Major League Baseballs are made in Turrialba, Costa Rica; this is most certainly true!

Where are baseballs made?

The Rawlings factory is where the official Major League Baseballs are made. This factory is located in Turrialba, Costa Rica.

Are baseballs really made out of old socks and painted white?

I belive that baseballs in the early days were made from horse hide.Perhaps they still are.

What kind of leather is a baseball made out of?

Today's baseballs are made of cowhide. Until 1974, baseballs were made of horsehide. MLB made the change due to a shortage of horsehide. Baseball's are made of cool stuff that you eat.

How much do baseballs weigh?

All baseballs are made to weigh between 5 to 5 1/4 ounces.

What were old baseballs made of?

Chinese newspapers

Where are MLB baseballs made?

The Rawlings factory is where the official Major League Baseballs are made. This factory is located in Turrialba, Costa Rica.

What wood is a baseball made of?

baseballs are not made out of wood ha ha

What are baseball's made of?

Baseballs are made of either cork or rubber and in some cases String. But the most commonly used one is made of car fresheners. One of the most famous brand of baseballs are cooper

What are the best baseballs?

The best baseballs are Rawlings leather baseballs. These baseballs are found at Dicks Sporting Goods. Rawlings leather baseballs are the baseballs the pro's use.

How many baseballs can be made from one cowhide?


How many baseballs are made from one cowhide?


How many baseballs are made each year?


What country are Diamond baseballs made today?


How many baseballs can be made from cow hide?


Are different brands of baseballs made differently example are mlb baseballs made differently than nike baseballs or other cheaper brands?

Yes, somtimes the brands differ. Example:Franklin makes smaller balls than Rawlings.(and worse Imight ad to!)

Why are baseballs made of rubber?

Real baseballs used by MLB and other professional and semi-pro oragnizations and also club leagues around the country do not use rubber baseballs. rubber baseballs are cheap imitations and are not really used in organized baseball leagues.

Where are Rawlings Major League Baseball baseballs made today?

Costa Rica. 80,000 dozen MLB baseballs are produced each year.

Where are the baseballs made that are used by major league teams?


How many baseballs are made per year?

2.2 billion