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The Columbia Par-Car Corp. has been around since the 1960's and is based out of Wisconsin, USA. Par-Cars are low-speed based gas and electric Golf carts that can be tuned up the run speeds from 15-30 mph. The Par-Cars most recognizable models are the 1987-1995 Par-Car PG-4 and the 1995-present. Par-Car Eagle or Dynasty depending in what trim package you get. Most older Par-Car golf carts have Cushman 2-Cycle or 2-Stroke factory engines that come stock with the cart. The 1987-1989 Columbia Par-Car PG-4s' have a unique golf bag holder and carrier made as part of the hood of the cart, some people my say it looks like a pick-up truck bed, and they can haul mulch, dirt, gravel, sand , etc. in the back if the owner chooses to use that cart as a lawn & field work cart. The Columbia Cushman/ Par-Car Corp. is also known for a bad history of making golf carts. Most Par-Car and Cushman golf carts have been known as "Useless Lemons" and simply "Junk!" Although Par-Car & Cushman has a rich history of good and bad things, I still thing the Par-Car & Cushman cart design is ONE OF A KIND!

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Q: What is the history of the Columbia par car classic golf cart?
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