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The highest score ever in the Hyundai A-League was in the 2006-2007 Grand Final



where Archie Thompson scored an amazing 6 goals.

Also in the 2008/09 Asian Cup the Newcastle Jets were also defeated 6-0 by the Pohang Stealers (Chinese Team).


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119 points by Geelong over Port Adelaide in 2007.

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Q: What is the highest winning margin in an AFL Grand Final?
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83 points

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Who played in the 2007 Afl grand final?

Geelong and Port Adelaide. Geelong won by a record margin - 119 points.

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What was the margin in the 2007 AFL Grand Final?

It was a record win of 119 points for Geelong over Port Adelaide, in front of a crowd of over 97,000 people.

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2002 grand final and played in the 2004 grand final against the bulldogs

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