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600.8 pounds (272.5kg) by Becca Swanson. She is also the first woman to bench press 500 pounds and 550 pounds and the only woman to bench press 600 pounds ever.

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Q: What is the highest weight bench pressed by a woman?
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What is the most bench pressed by a woman?

700 lbs

How much can the average 40 year old woman bench press?

The average 40 year old woman should be able to bench press 52% of her body weight.

Should a woman be able to bench press her body weight?

Generally, no. Women do not have "proportional" upper body strength like guys. That's not to say they can't bench their weight, but they don't have to do that to be in modestly good shape.

How does a woman bench press?

A woman bench presses the same as a man would, many girls i lift with do it all the time.

Is it ok to bench press everyday?

if You use less than 60% of your 1 rep max it's ok, otherwise you should only every oyther day if you're going to be bench pressing in order to get stronger or bigger, then no, do not bench press every day. If you are a woman or a man who wants to lift like a woman or look like a woman, then feel free to. Bench press is a man's lift. A big lift. A growing lift. You should bench press once per week. maybe twice. but go for big weight each time. Bench press is not cardio. So stay away from 60% max crap and stay strong.

How does a woman build upper body strength?

bench press

Is it possible for a woman to bench press 4 times her body weight?

Yes, but it's highly unlikely to occur. Such a feat, for men or women, requires years of dedicated training.

Who would have the highest protein DRI per unit of body weight male woman child or first terimester pregnant women?


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One can purchase bench coats for woman from a number of online source and stores. Buckle is one online source from which one can purchase bench coats for women.

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It represents about 50% of a woman's weight.

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