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The highest number of runs the Texas Rangers have ever scored is 30, at the Baltimore Orioles on August 22, 2007.

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Q: What is the highest scoring Texas Rangers baseball game?
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What is the highest score of a baseball game?

Texas rangers 30-3

What is Texas' baseball team?

Texas rangers

What does the sitting duck hand shape mean for the Texas Rangers?

Runners in scoring position

In 2007 what was the highest number of runs scored in a major league baseball game?

30, scored by the Texas rangers

What baseball team plays for Texas?

Texas Rangers

What is Texas' baseball team called?

Texas Rangers

Did the Texas Rangers their Baseball game last night?

The Texas Rangers did in fact win. :)

What is the mascot for the Texas rangers baseball team?

He is rangers captain

Where is the home of the Texas rangers baseball?

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

What is the phone number of the Texas Rangers Baseball Club in Arlington Texas?

The phone number of the Texas Rangers Baseball Club is: 817-273-5222.

Does Dallas Texas have a baseball team?

no but Arlington has the Texas rangers

What sport do the Texas Rangers play?


What is the baseball home team for Texas?

The Rangers

What MLB baseball team did George W Bush co-own?

the Texas rangers the Texas rangers

Why were the Texas rangers chose as their name?

The Texas Rangers were chose as their name because they are such a good baseball team

Where is the Texas Rangers Baseball Club in Arlington Texas located?

The address of the Texas Rangers Baseball Club is: Po Box 90111, Arlington, TX 76004-3111

When did the Texas rangers baseball team form?

1961, as the Washington Senators. They relocated and became the Texas Rangers in 1972.

Is there a baseball statium in texas?

There are multiple baseball stadiums in Texas. One is the Ballpark at Arlington, home of the Texas Rangers.

What logo is T?

Texas Rangers, MLB Baseball

Who is the girl in Texas Rangers Baseball commercial?


What are the release dates for A Baseball Love Story The Texas Rangers - 2012?

A Baseball Love Story The Texas Rangers - 2012 was released on: USA: 4 October 2012 (Dallas, Texas)

Was George W. Bush on the Texas Rangers?

No, he used to be part owner of the Texas Rangers Major League Baseball team.

What is the name of the Texas Rangers baseball team triple A team?

The Round Rock Express is the Texas Rangers AAA affiliate.

What are some pro-baseball teams in Texas?

Houston Astros Texas Rangers

Where can one keep up with the news and schedules of the Texas Rangers baseball team?

There are lots of places online where someone can find news and schedules of the Texas Rangers baseball team. Some of these places are the official Texas Rangers site and ESPN.