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222 to 0.

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Q: What is the highest score to the lowest score in football when?
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In bowling does the highest score win or the lowest?

lowest score wins bowling

How do you read the scores in a football match?

the highest score then the lowest score then the name of the team that has the highest score i.e arsenal Vs manutd and the score is 2:1 so u read it 2:1 for arsenal

Who score lowest test cricket score in highest balls?

Inzamam ul Haq has scored lowest score in Test with Highest balls. 1 score in 35 balls

Highest score possible in diving?

50 but they dock off the highest and lowest so the highest you can score is 30

What is the lowest possible ACT score?

11 is the lowest (36 is the highest)

Normas test score of 54 was the lowest in the class Sonyas score on the same test was the highest in the class According to the teacher mean score was 82 and the range was 42 What was sonyas score?

Range = Highest - Lowest. Lowest = 54. Range = 42 So Highest = Range + Lowest = 54 + 42 = 96

What is the highest cbase score?

Theoretically the highest score for the C-BASE is a 540 with the lowest being an 80.

What is Chelsea's highest winning score in a football match?

Chelsea's highest score in football is Chelsea vs Wigan 8-0

If you Subtract the lowest score in the data set from the highest score you are determining the?

You Get The Mean

What is the lowest possible football score?


What was the lowest score in a football match?

It is 0-0.

What is the lowest score if thirty students take a math test and the highest score is ninetyseven points and the range is twentynine?

Range = Highest - Lowest So 29 = 97 - Lowest Lowest = 97 - 29 = 68 points

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If you Subtract the lowest score in the data set from the highest score you are determining the?

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