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Q: What is the highest score for India in field hockey?
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Which country holds record for the highest score in international field hockey test?


What is the largest winning margin in an olympic hockey game?

The highest winning margin in an Olympic field hockey game was shared by England, beating Ireland in London 1908, and India, beating Germany in 1936 Berlin. Both had a margin of 7, with a final score of 8-1, and were for the Gold medal.The Highest Margin of victory in an Olympic field hockey game was achieved by India in the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic games. India won by a world record score of 24-1 that still stands...

What is the scoring system in field hockey?

the highest score in a cricket game is 402-109. The ball cannot be passed by the defender to the keeper aswell. aswell as that the captin of india basketball team is wique yumin

What is the highest score in recorded hockey history?


What is the highest score in oneday India?

India's highest score in one day international is 414\7 which against Sri-Lanka in 2009.

Where can you only score from in field hockey?

You can only score within the semi circle or 'D' as its known.

What does lifting the ball off the ground mean in field hockey?


How do score in field hockey UK?

you hit the heavy ball in the goal

Who has the highest test score in India?

sachin tendulkar

Why Late Major Dhyan Chand of India was known as the Wizard of Field Hockey?

Late Major Dhyan Chand, greatest ever hockey player, was known as the wizard of Field Hockey because of his unmatched dribbling skill and phenomenal control on ball. He used to score many goals every match, credit to his great hockey skills. That's something for which he was known as ''The Wizard of Field Hockey''

Highest score of India in test cricket?

India's highest score in Test cricket is 705-7 declared, achieved against Australia in January 2004.

Highest score of India in test match?

Highest score of India is on 4 dec 2009 Vs srilanka is 726/9 dec. second highest is 705 vs Australia at sydney

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