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Q: What is the highest score any player can receive under the NFLs passer rating system?
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Who has the highest passer rating for a season?

Peyton Manning in 2004 with 121.1

Who has the best passer rating in football history?

For it to be an official NFL record passer rating you need 1500 passing attempts. Steve Young has the highest with 96.81 in his career For college it is Cam Newton with 188.2 passer rating

Statistically who is the best quarterback ever?

The NFL has a way of measuring the performance of a quarterback with something called a passer rating. The highest career passer rating is 96.8 by Steve Young. Click on the 'Passer Rating' link below to see how it is figured.

What quarterback has the highest passer rating in college?

r. wilson - wisconsin 2011

What college quarterback has the highest single passer rating ever?

Robbert Griffin III

What San Francisco Quarterback has the highest passer rating in NFL History?

Steve Young

Which nfl quarterback has the highest passer rating?

Steve Young of the San Fransisco 49ers

Who has the best quarterback rating of all time?

AnswerAaron Rodgers currently holds the NFL record for the highest career passer rating for any player with at least 1,500 attempts, with a mark of 98.4

What is the passer rating for K. Collins?

Through Week 6 of the 2009 season, Kerry Collins' 2009 passer rating is 62.0 and career passer rating is 73.4.

In football stats what does OPR standa for?

Offensive Passer Rating. DPR= Defensive Passer Rating.

Who had the highest NFL passer rating in 2009?

You mean 2008? Phillip Rivers San Diego Chargers 105.1

What quarterback has the highest passer rating in a single game in the NFL?

A fair number of quarterbacks have achieved a perfect passer rating of 158.3 in a single game. Players at other positions have also achieved this. LaDainian Tomlinson has had about five games in which he finished with a passer rating of 158.3 by going 1 for 1 with a TD pass of over 15 yards.

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