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India 417/2

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Q: What is the highest run scored in single day of test cricket for any international team?
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Who has scored the most runs in a single first-class innings cricket?

Brian Lara. He got 500 not out. He also scored the highest single test match innings with 400.

Who holds the record for the most runs scored in an inning in cricket?

In Test Cricket, Brian Lara scored 400 not out in a single innings, while in One Day Internationals, the highest score to date is that of Rohit Sharma's 264

What is the highest score in a cricket test match in a single day?

588 was scored in one day between England and India in 1936

What is the highest score in an ODI cricket match?

The highest single team's score is 443-9, which Sri Lanka scored against the Netherlands in 2006.The highest combined scored is 872; Australia scored 434-4 against South Africa, who successfully chased it down with 438-9.

Who has scored the highest runs in 1-day cricket in a single innings?

Saeed Anwar (Pakistani) player score 196 runs, against India

Which player has scored the most runs in a single test innings of cricket?

Brian Lara holds the record for the highest individual score in a test innings. He scored 400* against England at Antigua in 2004.

Highest run scored in single innings?


How many runs have be scored by a bastman in a single day which is highest?

highest i seen is 620

How many centuries did Kapil Dev score in his one day international career?

Kapil Dev scored just a single century in One Day International cricket, though this innings, which totalled 175 runs, in the 215th One Day International match, remained the highest individual ODI score for eleven months, before it was beaten by Viv Richards.

Who is the highest run scorer in a single over in oneday international cricket?

Herchelle Gibbs 36 (666666) v Netherlands 2007 World Cup in ODIs

Who is the highest run scorer in a single Cricket World Cup?


What is the highest amount of runs scored by an individual batsman in a single innings in any format of cricket ie test or first class or school level etc..?

I think it's Brian Lara. He scored 501 runs in a First class match.

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