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400 not out - Brian Charles Lara

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Q: What is the highest run scored by a batsman in an inning of test matche?
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What is the highest run scored by a batsman in an inning of odi matches?

264 by rohit sharma

Who scored highest runs as wicketkeeper batsman as well as captain of the team in a inning in test cricket?

MS Dhoni

Which batsman scored highest runs in an innings in ipl 2009?

Dwayne Bravo

Which batsman has scored maximum number of fours in an inning of a test cricket?

younus khan


kumar sankagara(2000-present) is highest run scoring batsman now he scored 14,189 runs in 403 matches. he played 379 innings, scored 49 hundreds and 96 50's and still scoring.

Which batsman scored highest run in one day international cricket?

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar(INDIA)

What batsman scored in cricket?

batsman score runs...

Who is the first batsman to score century on debut?

The first century on debut in test cricket was in the first ever test match played. Charles Bannerman scored 165 retired hurt (Australia only scored 245 still highest proportion of runs scored by a batsman in an innings)

Who scored lowest score in test cricket with highest number of balls?

Inzmam ul Haq is the batsman who scored lowest score in test with highest number of balls. 1 run in 35 balls against India.

What is the highest number of runs scored in one inning of MLB baseball?

The highest number of runs scored in one inning was by the Kansas City Royals in 1979. In the fourth inning on June 14, 1979 the Royals scored 4 off of a grand slam by George Brett.

Which Indian batsman has scored highest in the finals of cricket world cup?

Virender Sehwag in ICC WC 2003 , 80+

Who was the first batsman to scored 400 runs?

Brian Lara is the first and only batsman to date to have scored 400+ in a Test match.