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Q: What is the highest level of international sports?
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Highest level in cheerleading?

The highest level for cheerleading Is International Level 6

What sports play international level?

All of them

What level of gymnastics is Shawn Johnson in?

She is an senior international elite. International Elite is the highest level.

What do you mean by international sports?

Sports that are played at international level (e.g. France vs England at football/soccer).

What is the highest pro level for tennis on wii sports?

i am a 2008

Which air route has the highest level of international passenger traffic in the world?


Name of the sports celebrities endorsing various brands in the international and national level?

david beckam

What are international sports?

International Sports are sports that are played all over the entrie world!!

Why buy new sports equipment?

For better quality and technology. To be able to compete at the highest level, you must have equipment that supports your level of play.

How does hosting international sports event affect the quality of local sports?

It basically improves your opinion on sports to higher level. Let's say you didnt know a lot about a sport. Maybe hosting international sports event gives you a better perspective on it.people are paying most attention to the international sport, and focusing less on the local sport. They will not be able to play the local sports if the international events are always scheduled and in the way.

Which football club has the highest number of trophies both on a Domestic and International level.?

Manchester united & Brazil

Which football club has the highest number of trophies both on a Domestic and International level?

Manchester United & Brazil

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