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Jim Ryun has the fastest mile time in a high-school only track meet. His hand-time was 3:58.

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Q: What is the high school record for running a mile?
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What is the world record for running the 2 mile?

James Silva (Jj) Ridgeview High School Time 8:45

What is the fastest time to run the mile relay race in high school?

The current record for running the fastest mile relay race in high school is currently 3 minutes, 58 seconds, and 30 milliseconds. The record was set on May 15, 1965 by Jim Ryun from Wichita East High School.

What is the Florida high school record for the mile?

3min Ha ha! Nobody has ever run the mile in 3 minutes! That would be running 45 second quarters.

What is the fastest mile run in high school track for boys?

The record for the fastest mile run the high school track is 3.53.43.

What is the world high school mile run record?


What is the California high school state record for the mile run?

4 mins.

What is the world record for Running the Mile?

The world record for running the mile is 3 minutes and 43 seconds. This record was made by Hicham el Guerouj

What is the fastest mile run by a girl in a high school track meet?

At the age of 18 Alan Webb ran 3:53.43 in the mile, setting a new high school record.

What is the record for running a mile?

The fastest time to finish a mile is 4 minutes

What is the record time for running a mile?


What are the fastest high school 1600 meter times?

Jim Ryan established the high school and U.S. open mile record 3:55.3 as a senior in 1965, a record that stood as the high school record for 36 years until broken by Alan Webb's 3:53.43 in 2001.

How many laps around a school gym is a mile?

If you were running laps in high school, you were most likely on a regulation size high school court. For this size court, it would have taken you about 19.7 laps to run a mile.

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