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ten feet

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Q: What is the height of the basket in men's basketball?
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What is the height of the basketball basket rim?

10 feet

What is the height of the basket in college basketball?

10 ft.

What is the height of a regulation basket on a basketball court?

10 ft.

When was Mens Sana Basket created?

Mens Sana Basket was created in 1871.

What is the aau basketball goal height for 12u?

The height of the basket is always ten feet unless you are in second grade or under.

What is the height of the women's basketball goal?

Basket Height: PeeWee (6-7) rim height 8 feet, Divisions A and B (8-9 boys and girls) basket rim height of 8 ½ feet. Divisions C-H regular rim height of 10 feet.

What was used as the orgininal basket in basketball?

The first basket for basketball used was accutally a peach basket and basketball was invented by a canidian named James Naismith! :)

Is there a existing pictorial representation that show an elevation drawing of a standard basketball court?

The height of the basket can be seen at the link below

What is the height of a basket used in basketball?

The baskets are 10 foot high.

How did basketball get the name basketball?

Because the first basket was a peach basket by Dr James Naismith who invented basketball.

How was basketball named?

There was a basket...and a ball...and they tried getting the ball IN the basket...hence basketball

What is the same of mens basketball and women basketball?

everything is the same except the three point line is farther away in mens basketball