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There is no "low hurdles" event. Men's intermediate 400m hurdles is 36 inches. Women's intermediate 400m hurdles is 30 inches. Women's high hurdles is 36 inches

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2012-07-04 16:22:41
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Q: What is the height of the Olympic Low hurdles in inches?
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How much distance is between each hurdle in the mens 200-meter hurdles?

The 200m hurdle distances are: 20 meters to the first 35 meters between each hurdle 40 meters from the last hurdle to the finish line So just start at the normal 200m start line and run the second half of a 400m hurdles race. This race is generally only contested in Youth and Masters competitions with a few exceptions. The old Olympic 200 hurdles was the 220 yard low-hurdles: 20 yd to the first hurdle 20 yd between hurdles 20 yd from the last hurdle to the finish This race was contested over low hurdles (30") and was dropped from the the Olympic roster after the 1904 Olympics.

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