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it is 8ft

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Q: What is the height of a 3rd graders basketball goal?
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What is the average height for 3rd grade boys?

Well... most third-graders are 8 or 9... Their avrage height is probaly around four-foot-two.

What is the height of a 3rd grade intramural basketball hoop?

10 feet tall.

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Is this the correct way to use this sentence?? Administer test to 3rd and 4th graders.

Average weight of a 6th grade boy?

between 75-95lbs or pounds You, have about what a 3rd grader weighs, an average weight for a 6th grader would be about 100-150 lbs. It depends on your biceps,thickness of your bones, and height. Usually 6th graders would be about 110 lbs-130lbs, but then again, it depends on your height, and everything mentioned above,

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try Cola8

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yes it is for 3rd graders...

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You just cube the height to the 3rd power (height*height*height)

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He was a stocky person. (this sentence is for 1st-3rd graders only) sorry!!

What types of science projects are appropriate for a 3rd grader?

Most 3rd graders are interested in Social Sciences. It is always interesting to them to work on projects that talk about different cultures.

Did benvenue have a wax muesuem?

yes the 3rd graders did and it reminded them about the movie house of wax i was freaked out

Where can I find some free math worksheets online for 3rd graders?

There are a lot of online sites that offer math worksheets for third graders. One good one is This one seems helpful.

How high is a basketball net for primary schools?

The net does not matter. The standard height for younger kids is 8 ft. (rim) and 10 ft. for anyone older than 3rd or for 4th grade. I have seen nets on a regulation basketball hoop that extened below 9 foot and ones that barely reach 9'6"

Height of rim for fourth grade boys basketball?

In our local recreation league we use standard 10' goals for 4th grade, and 3rd grade. 9' goals for 2nd grade and 8' for K-1 grades.

What quarter in basketball?

in basketball, there are 4 quaters. after the 2 first quarters, it is halftime, and then comes the 3rd and 4th quarter.

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dj craze. DJ Tiesto is not actually a DJ, he is more a figment of some 3rd graders imagination.

When do the 9th graders have their orientation at el camino real high school in woodland hills ca?

thrusday September 3rd 7PM

Is a 3rd grader suppose to weigh 75 pounds?

Yes,third graders are about to weigh 75-85lbs. If over that weight you are considered over weight.

Why would it be a bad decision to put ninth graders in a school that was supposed to be for elementary kids?

I'm not quite sure if you mean that the school still has elementary kids in it or not. But anyway, yes! It would be a very bad idea to put 9th graders in with elementary kids. 14 year olds would not be very good people for 3rd graders to be hanging out with. I know, because I hung out with them.

Who is the worst basketball player in 3rd grade?

Bob and Jimmy.