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Platform events are held at a height of 10 meters and springboard events are held at a height of 3 meters.

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Q: What is the height details of diving board in olympic size swimming pool?
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What are the similarities between swimming and diving?

swimming you have to go in a pool where as diving you dive into water from a height

What is the height of the diving block above water level of an olympic size swimming pool?

The starting blocks can be no higher than 30 inches above water level.

What is the height of a low diving board at a swimming pool?

3 meters

How tall is an Olympic diving board at the most?

10 meters. Platform diving events are held at a height of 10 meters. Springboard diving events are held at a height of 3 meters.

How tall are olympic divers?

Every Olympic diver is a different height . Most of the divers are under 5 feet 8 inches in height. A person over the height of 5 foot 10 inches may have problems may have trouble diving.

What is the height of a standard diving board?

There is no standard height. Many recreational diving boards are about 3 feet. They can also be 5 feet high.

What height is required for being an olympic gymnast?

There is no height requirement to compete in Olympic gymnastics.

What is the height of diving platform?

20 metres

What is the height of a diving board?

Diving events at the Olympics are at 3 meters (springboard) and 10 meters (platform).

What is the height of an Olympic sized hurtle?

The Olympic Hurdle Height For Men is 106.7cm (3 ft 6 in) and the height for women is 83.8cm (2 ft 9 in).

What is the height of diving platform record?

13 or 15

What is the minimum age to compete in diving for the Olympics?

13-14 depending on hieght Nothing to do with height. Divers have to be 14 by the end of the Olympic year (31st December), so they could still be 13 at the Olympics.

What is the height of an olympic diving platform?

It depends. If it is 10m platform then of course it is 10m high. There are other categories too. 3m and 1m. These are both performed on springboards except you can get a 3m platform. You can't get a 10m platform , however.

What is the height of the 'High Dive' in yards for the 2012 Olympics?

In Olympic Diving the platform is 10 meters high or 32.8084 feet tall.Springboard diving is 3 meters high or 9.84252 feet tall.

What is the height of the highest diving board in the Olympics?

30 feet

What is the height of the diving platform?

20 meters lemon head

Can swimming help you to lose weight?

Yes, but it is a secondary benefit of swimming. Swimming leads a favorable height of a swimmer and health too.

Does excessive time swimming stunt normal growth?

The last answer stated that yes swimming would stunt your growth but however that is totally wrong. If you swim to much you might hurt yourself but you wont stunt your growth. Look at Michael phelps he swims 6 hours a day and you expect me to believe it stunted his growth. The avg height for the previous 8 finalists for the U.S olympic swim was 6 FT 5 IN (wikipedia). Swimming makes your spine longer. Now excessive weightlifting is detrimental to height for the fact that you can fracture your growth plate. back to swimming, swimming is a low impact sport so you will not stunt growth but you might drown.

What is the height of the lowest diving board?

one meter above calm water

What is the height at the sides of an olympic tennis net?

A regulation (thus also olympic) net height is 3.5 feet high on the net posts and 3 feet high on the center.

What is the height of a lawn tennis post height and others details?

3.5ft or 4ft

What is the scientific definition of elevation?

Strictly it just means "height". Usually it refers to height above sea level, as in maps. Sometimes height above the ground, as in sky diving.

What is the height of a womens olympic volleyball net?


How does the materials used to make a diving affect the height of the dive?

it depends how strong the material is

How big are hawaiian men penises are?

No through the amount of swimming and height Hawaiian men have above average penises i know