What is the greatest nba team?

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Q: What is the greatest nba team?
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Which team in the NBA was the greatest?

The Lakers or the Celtics.

Who is the greatest NBA team of all time?

The greatest NBA team of all time, 95-96 Chicago Bulls. They have the best record ever in the NBA with 72 wins 10 losses. The 95-96 Bulls won the championship that year.

Who is the greatest team in nba?

look at the the games and you'll find out . but my opinion is Pacers or Heats .

Which NBA team is?

NBA is not a team NBA is national basketball association

What NBA team has not made the NBA finals?

your team

What is Kansas NBA team?

There is no NBA team in Kansas

What is Nebraska's NBA team?

Nebraska does not have an NBA team

Is Dallas an NBA team?

The Dallas Mavericks are an NBA team.

What is the NBA team for CT?

there is no NBA team in the state of Connecticut

Which NBA team has the best fans?

The Jazz. The Bulls obviously. Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time.

Did the Chicago Bears get the title greatest nfl team of all time?

Yes...they are the greatest NFL Team of all-time and are considered to hold that Title. In addition, the Chicago Cubs have the title of greatest MLB Team of all-time, the Chicago Blackhawks have the title of greatest NHL Team of all-time, and the Chicago Bulls have the title of greatest NBA Team of all-time. Chicago is also considered the greatest city of all time.

Is Louisville going to have an NBA team?

As of the 2009-2010 NBA season, Louisville does not have an NBA team. Louisville is one of the top cities to get an NBA team should an expansion team or another team move.

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