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The "International Table Tennis Federation" (ITTF) which was formed in 1926.

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The African Table Tennis Federation

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Q: What is the governing body of the table tennis?
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What are the rulesregulations of table tennis?

The answer to your question can be found at the following website for USA Table Tennis , the governing body for organized/olympic competition in the USA: www, : International Table Tennis Federation The world governing body of which the USATT is a member.

Which is the International Governing Body for Table Tennis?

International Table Tennis Federation ( is the name of the international organization representing ping pong.

How does table tennis help the body?

table tennis doesn't help the body in any way

What is the USTA?

AnswerThe USTA is the United States Tennis Association, the governing body for tennis in the United States.

What services do the Governing body for tennis in Australia offer?

The Governing body of tennis in Australia is committed to protecting the privacy of member associations like Tennis Queensland, Tennis West and Tennis SA as well as the general public attending tennis events. This means that not information collected will be reused without the permission of the person providing the information.

How is table tennis and tennis different?

table tennis is played on a 15x6 table and meany different rules to tennis

Who is managed grand slam tennis tournament?

it is managed by International Tennis Federation(ITF), the biggest tennis governing body headquartered at initially at Paris but moved to London duing world war II

What is the proper name for the table you play table tennis on?

Err a table tennis table

What olympic sports start with K?

Trampoline Tennis Table-tennis

Do you say you are a ball of fire on table tennis or in table tennis?

I say i am a ball on fire in table tennis :d

Where can someone find information about BBC Tennis?

The best place to go is the World Tennis Association's website. They are the governing body over tennis. Another good source would be Wimbledon's site or at the All England Lawn and Tennis Club.

Is table tennis and deck tennis they same?

No, table tennis is played on a small table, where as deck tennis is played on a deck. sorry mate fgjkfkgfpogk